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the word the wall la palabra la pared
Kerry Tribe
MAY 06, 2017

Curator: Ruth Estévez, REDCAT, Los Angeles.
Parque Galeria is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition in Mexico of Los Angeles based artist Kerry Tribe. Tribe’s new works in video, sculpture and photography playfully literalize ideas around linguistic communication, transnational relations and empathy.
The exhibition continues Tribe’s investigation of the “speaking subject” who narrates their experience for an audience. The show is organized around a video in English and Spanish called Afasia (2017) which features the artist’s friend photographer Christopher Riley, who, at the age of 43, suffered a left hemisphere stroke that severely limited his ability to speak, write and understand language. Despite these challenges, he passionately communicates an appreciation of his life and the vast world around him. The video is projected in a make-shift screening room built from the remains of what had previously been the gallery’s front wall.
Sculptures, prints and plants occupy the gallery’s second room, expanding on ideas initiated in the first. Equipment normally seen on photo shoots or film sets here takes on a life of its own along with photographs of the photographer’s favorite rock. Upstairs, a silent monitor displays one single word after another which, forming a string of idiomatic expressions that try to make sense of a constantly shifting world.

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